Protektoid, secure your device

Protektoid is a project for Android that focuses on device security and user privacy.

With Protektoid Bug hunting, we help app developers secure their applications.

With Protektoid for businesses, you make your company more secure by enhancing and monitoring Android device security.

We hunt for bugs

Protektoid is made for you!

A privacy focused solution

Protektoid has been designed with privacy in mind from the beginning! Our solution is thus privacy focused both for end-user personnal information and company sensitive data. Besides, the information and actions we provide you with aim at helping you improve your privacy, may it be for personnal or professional use.

Just try Protektoid Community and see how straightforward it is to configure your personnal or professional device.

A user focused solution

Protektoid has been designed with user privacy in mind. For this reason, the design of the solution and the features provided by the app were built while considering impacts on the user experience. We considered impacts both in term of terminology we use and interactions provided by the app.

Just try it and see how easy it is to use Protektoid Community, for you or your employees.

An innovating solution

Protektoid started as an in-house startup project. Made by a group of IT developers and engineers, we focus on providing the more accurate data in the best way. The information you can get from Protektoid is thus complete, unique and let you understand and improve your privacy.

Just try Protektoid Community and see how much information you can get and how can interact with it.